With todays web-based technologies , working with collaborations and consultants has never been easier. Utilize the power resources of the internet so that information can be shared in an instant, as if working in the same office. The end result is cheaper, efficient and more effective way of working that is reflected in my professionalism and accuracy. I'm providing my clients with accurate and quality drawings, which meet their requirements , with in the schedule that they require:Reasonable prices. On demand turn around time on your projects. Drawings are completed to your company's standard.

Communication: I had  email programs Throughout the process of the job, consistent dialogue and feedback are part of my work in order to finish the project and inform you of my progress . I will send you progress drawings in dwg., pdf or dwf formats as you can review and send me comments for revision. 
I will take your old mark ups plans, sketches, designs, ideas and transform them into high quality CAD format file that will be detailed specifically for your needs. Your drawings will be completed to your company's standards or if you prefer to CAD standards specifies to your industry. The Cad drawings are redrafted to scale to match the original sheets exactly.

AutoCad Draftsman with 8+  years of experienced Manual drafting and AutoCad in Mechanical, Structural such as Handrail, detailing and shop drawings, Piping with P& ID , a bit of Architectural, Electrical . I’m also graduate of AutoCad Drafting in Kwantlen University College Vancouver, B.C. I can help you in your workload , I’m outsourcing Cad work with my in house Autocad 2009 LT , Solidworks 2009 & Autodesk Inventor 2008. At Present I've been working @ water treatment and waste water system doing  designing and drawing of Tanks and pipes (PVC & Stainless Steel). 
The reason for this is to cut costs which increase profits on top paying employment taxes and benefits for the employee there is also the costly computers, software and office space that must be purchased. I can eliminate these expenses by using me to do your drafting work.

To outsource is overflow work sometimes there is more work to do than there are hours in a day. Projects often miss the deadline because draftsman cannot keep up with all the redlines and mark-ups. I would like to solve this problem for you by making sure you get the work done on time. I use your layers and CAD standards, In addition I can request sample set to match your Standards. Every office has a particular way of working project , I can use that as reference. I used to asked for upfront payment of 50%  per drawing that you want, in order for me to work with Legitimate person or company to trust. Looking forward to work with you and appreciate your trust in me.

List of Cad work:

  -Specification sheets convert to Engineering (Constructions) drawings
  -P & ID Drawings with your Red Marks up

-Inventor’s creative sketches to 3D modeling 

-3CAD layout and part design Solidworks & Inventor


-Drawing revisions and updates

-Floor plans, Elevations  plans, structural details

-Convert  Skecthes in Paper-to-CAD program such as AutoCad ,          Solidworks & Inventor

-Mechanical , Piping, Architectural , Structural , As built Electrical  & some Civil  drafting


-Structural  Details

-Restaurant and Commercial Store Layout Plan such as Floor Plan & Elevation


-Modifications to existing Plans with Mark ups 

-Aluminum glass handrails and guardrails, storefront drawings

-Stair detail shop drawings

-Handrail Shop drawings

-Construction drawings ( General Layout, Elevation, & Details)

-Transfer hand drawn hard copies to CAD formats


-2D to 3D drawing conversion

-Provide 3D Modeling files such as IGES, STL, PRTS,ASS’Y , Inventor,  Autocad, pdf & jpeg files.


Email address: jal_cadguy@ymail.com

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